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Katy's What Knots

Single Feather Wall Hanging kit

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A single feather wall hanging in the colour of your choice. Which will you choose?

This whole piece is only made with 2 knots, a cow hitch knot and double half hitch knots. The tricky bit comes when you move from left to right. (making a spiral coaster is a great idea before you try this piece, I would fully recommend)

  • Your kit will come with;
  • precut lengths of cord labelled as each piece
  • a wooden top bar to work from
  • instruction in written form, diagrams and a link to a youtube video.

You will need a brush to brush out the fringe, it's easiest with a macrame brush, a pet brush would be second best and even a human hair brush at a push. I can supply a macrame brush too, just add it to your order!