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Katy's What Knots

Boob Wall Hanging plant hanger

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Half the world has them, all the world has nipples but for some reason we still have a little giggle when we see them.

My 6 year old does anyway!

I’ve been meaning to add these to my store for ages, now I finally have got around to it I thought I would be as inclusive as possible!

Most of us have perfectly imperfect boobs, some of us are unfortunate enough to have operations due to cancer amongst other things and our bodies change. I think we should celebrate the strength it takes to have a life after op and live life to the max!

All bodies are beautiful!

As well as planting a tree for every sale from Ecologie I will also be donating £1 from each Boob macramé bought!

Made from OEKO cotton cord and a foraged branches or recycled wooden poles where possible.