Winter wreaths, don't you just love them?

Winter wreaths, don't you just love them?

We love to hang wreaths to celebrate a season and make our homes inviting…but how did this tradition start? And why?
Wreath making is a tradition that goes back centuries in Europe and is thought to have been started to ward off bad spirits from the house and bring life in instead. This was done way back pre Christianity in Pagan times.

Forming plant materials in to a circle traditionally symbolizes “the strength of life.” In the fall, as the growing cycle ends, harvest wreaths celebrate the bounty of the season.Christmas wreaths are said to represent eternal life with their circular shape just like a wedding ring on a finger. European Christians often placed a candle on the wreath during Advent to symbolise the light that Jesus brought into the world. In 16th century Germany, Lutherans began to incorporate the wreath as a December ritual of Advent, a circle with no beginning and no end symbolizing the everlasting love of God.

Displaying wreaths at all times of year is a custom to be embraced by everyone, regardless of religion or occupation. Early Romans wished each other “good health” by exchanging branches of evergreens. The boughs were curved into a circle, and hung.
Over the years, evergreens have come to symbolize strength, a worthy adversary to a harsh killing winter. Holly is the resilient king of this darker time of year, an apt symbol of victory. And pine cones symbolize long life.
So hang that evergreen wreath. Enjoy the beauty of the greenery, the scent of the pine, the texture of the cones, and the cheer of red berries the shine of the  decorations and ... victory over winter.

In modern times it isn't just religious households that make or buy wreaths to display, it's a beautiful cozy decoration for everybodies front door, over mantel or wall decoration.


If you would like to make your own this year you can choose your styles colours and details.
Check out these North West artists here in the UK running wreath workshops this Autumn/ Winter!

  • The_Art_Doctor_uk

Making stunning wreaths from metal using a mix of copper and gold to make quality personalised wreaths that can be enjoyed for years to come as well as being styled differently year by year. A little bling but without the unnatural plastics and glitter.

You will be shown a range of techniques and get to experiment a little before committing to your design. You will learn, embossing, heat colouring, wire sculpting, metal sculpting and composition. Don’t fancy making one yourself? The Art Doctor UK has you covered. Gift vouchers are available, as are the wreaths to purchase fully made as a bespoke commission from the artist.

  • Willows_Wild_Flowers

Stunning dried flower creations that are so in right now, very boho, very pretty and their neutral nature mean they suit most decor choices

  • Whimsical Creations Online

Fancy making a wreath at home with online help? This is exactly what Whimsical creations does, she also offers wreaths ready made for sale too.

  • Kerry Wreaths for all occasions

No tutorials availible for this maker i'm afraid but her wreaths are awesome, so creative an unusual too. Gotta check her out!



  • Katy's What Knots

Finally me!
My macrame wreaths are also very boho and very in right now, they too can be dressed differently for different colourways and schemes. I'm so excited to make my Autumn coloured ones, Highland Cow brown and Pumpkin yellow are screaming at me for attention. Equally a more neutral colour selection can be used to make accessorising for different seasons, celebrations and coloured decor easier, you know i love to be eco!

On the subject of eco decor i'm going to be making lots of reclaimed pieces, upcycles and pallet creations again this year as a side project to my macrame. I'll be marrying them together too.

I've joined up with Helen that is The_Art_Doctor to run a joint workshop where we make floral decoration for the top ring with macrame designs below. Follow us on social media or sign up to my website emails to be in the know. The first event has gone live but selling through quickly, more dates are being planned as we speak