Macramé wedding rentals, is this the right thing for me?

Macramé wedding rentals, is this the right thing for me?

Wedding planning is stressful, it can be hugely enjoyable and a wonderful exciting time, but I know first hand that putting a wedding together quickly and on a budget, is hard! My wedding, or should I say our wedding, was a long time ago now in a very different world. We got married at short notice, with very little money and a lot of stress, with my husband to be working away so I took most of the planning on myself, I have to say he was super happy about that!

All of that effort and stress pales into comparison when I see loved ones stressed out trying to plan and enjoy 'the best day of their lives' over the last few years. Between covid, flight restrictions, venue development, health scares, job losses, wage cuts and much much more many of those close to me have had to rearrange their big day fully 4 times.

How can I still achieve a gorgeous boho aesthetic for my wedding?

As it happens all my people have still managed to secure their big day at a venue they are happy with, although not their first choices, and it makes me feel for them. With that in mind I decided to not only offer wedding macramé, but wedding macramé rental. This makes the whole vibe more affordable and the last thing you need to be dealing with the day after your marriage is collecting up centrepieces, candle votives and chair backs and then trying to store them before jetting off to your honeymoon. This is not wedded bliss, you should be enjoying breakfast with fresh orange juice, maybe even a mimosa, it is a special day after all!

By renting my macramé pieces, or buying you can make your venue feel as much like your dream as possible. This is my motivation, I don't want anybody to be sad about the wedding surroundings on their wedding day. You should have the wedding you dream of without breaking the bank. Let me help!

My plan and my wish is to take the stress out of this for you.
I offer bespoke wedding macramé pieces for you to design with me in your choice of colours, length, knot, everything. I will work with fresh flower florists, dried flower florists whatever you need to achieve the look that you are dreaming of.
I offer buy and keep, pieces to buy 'off the rack' so a design I have made for purchase on my own or a previous rental that might take your eye. We can still work together to make it 'more you' should you want to.
Finally we have the rental option. You can rent the wedding décor of your dreams without the storage nightmare after the event. You can of course choose to buy and keep a few keepsakes should you want to. Again I can provide what you need for the colour scheme and vibe you want including collaborations of other suppliers (as long as I feel I can resell or rent it out again afterwards)

How do I make my pieces?

I make all of my macramé at home in my office, the wood is cut and prepped in my wood workshop and the foraged pieces cleaned and prepped at home. My incredible supplier is Nigora from Artsy North East, she is fabulous. She supplies the most beautiful cord both virgin and recycled, single ply and triple, braided cord and beads. Honestly check her out! From recycled cotton to luxe cotton, bamboo strings, cotton frizz and vegan wool tops. Oh and you definitely need to buy a macramé brush if you fancy having a go.

Would you and your wedding party like to have a go?

If you would like to hand craft some of your wedding pieces, I know I did, then book in for a Macramé Party as part of a Hen, Sten or Stag party.