3 feather macrame wall hanging in natural white, latte and blush pink from Katy’sWhatKnots.com

Macramé, how to learn and where?

Where and how can I learn macramé near me?

Each person has different lifestyles, learning styles, motivations and budgets so these are all contributing factors when you decide you want to have a go.

I’ve been doing this a little while now and I’d love to help you learn, with me or with others!

Ok, so first up was how I relearned the art, I did a bit of macrame back in art school but I actually got back into it in 2021 because I had seen a Ticktok. Crazy right. I saw a girl make a crescent shaped moon dream catcher and it piqued my interest. I then watched a few others and decided it was time to try. My first make was a wall hanging, I still have it but let’s say I’ve come a long way. 😬

Social media

From Ticktok to Youtube there are loads of free resources out there to have a try. For me this was great, for some a more structured approach then s needed.

Etsy, Folksy, Notonthehighstreet, faire, marketplace, EBay 

All sorts of small independent businesses are out there offering cool ideas, often ethically minded trying to make a difference and build a business. You could choose to support them? You could buy it in kit form or a bundle, skein or spool. The benefit here is it’s an expert selling the item so they can guide you in the listing or even answer any queries you may have too. 😊

Hobbycraft, Amazon

You could buy a kit from one of the big boys, there are good buys out there, equally there are some questionable items too. Prime is quick🤷🏻‍♀️

In person workshops

This would be my absolute favourite. It’s sociable and fun but equally you have a pro on hand to help, others to bounce ideas off and the knowledge that you’ll leave with a quality finished product not a knot of knots that you put down one day in frustration and never picked up again. 😆

Macrame Party

Not something that you can get everywhere but it is something I personally offer. All the benefits of a public workshop but in your own home or community space. This makes classes even more accessible for more in a group and often takes out some of the complications of a workshop in a hired venue for example.

I personally find most people prefer an in person session and although the cheaper kit may cost less the quality of the effort you have put into it often doesn’t shine through due to this.


There are positives to be found in each scenario I’ve mentioned. Which would you choose?

If you would like to book a workshop of at home party or buy a kit then why not check out my website?