I know it's still July but... Spooky Season is coming!

I know it's still July but... Spooky Season is coming!

Spooky season is coming and I for one cannot wait! I mean I LOVE the summer and hate the cold so I think its my basic b survival reflex kicking in but you know what they say, do what you love even if people think you're weird!

If you're a long time supporter or even a long time lurker I would bet that you remember be banging on about my macramé pumpkins last year.

Unsurprisingly they're poised to make a come back this year in even more colourways than last year and and now with writen instructions, knot diagrams as well as links to Youtube tutorials that may help. I have kits ready to go, 2 confirmed locations for workshops with more to be confirmed as well as pumpkins to order set up on my website ready to go. At this point it's just waiting for me to push the button to publish them! Are you ready? All things Pumpkin will launch with 5% off when you buy 2 or more. This offer is for a limited time only. Don’t wait too long!

This year i'm also offering Pumpkin Parties, why not gather your covern and enjoy making some decor, eating some tricky treats and seeing what hocus pocus comes your way?

My brain is whizzing away thinking of other spooky stuff I could make, a bat, a spider, a ghost, any ideas? I'm thinking of workshops I could run with kids too. Would you like to come with yours? They'll be kid friendly both in language and subject matter, I'm planning for ages 6-17 again just like the beginners plant hanger workshop I currently have on offer.

Get in touch with your ideas. I love to here them!